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Later I went on to study at ELTE Bárczy Gusztáv Special Education College and graduated as a teacher for children with special needs. Since 1996 I have been working with mentally challenged children at the Csalogány Iskola in Budapest as a special educator. (I am also a member of the school orchestra.)


I began my musical training at primary school on the recorder next I went on to study the piano with Kovács Pálné for 7 years.


I spent further 4 years learning the recorder with professional oboist Múnia Zoltán which was followed by 4 years of training on hurdy-gurdy with Nagy Balázs at the Óbuda Music School.


I am a founding member of the early music ensemble Tabulatúra, where I play the recorder, hurdy-gurdy, symphony, drums and also do a little singing.


In music my taste varies a great deal. I like easy listening as well as classical music. My favourite composers are Corelli, Mozart, Haydn and the great masters of the romantic era but I also listen to rock music with a melody.


I am also interested in fine art. My hobbies are dancing, hiking and Hungarian literature.  













I was born in 1973 in Budapest. This is where I have been living and working. First I trained as a kindergarten teacher then I went on to attend college at Vitéz János Roman Catholic Teacher Training School in Esztergom, where I graduared with a degree in teaching. I wrote my thesis on autistic children’s educational needs.

Huber Henriett - symphony, recorder

Starzyński Zsolt - shawm, bagpipe

In the forerunner of Sub Rosa I played Irish and British folk music mainly on the guitar. This is where I got to hear medieval music through the records of the Pentangle and Steeleye Span. The ensembles La Reverdie, Sequentia, Les Musiciens des Provance, Ensemble Oni Wytars and Corvus Corax were the greatest influences on me in early music. Learning about the 13th century manuscript Cantigas de Santa Maria was also of great importance. I am a founding member of Sub Rosa.

I also take time to write and record my own music on piano and guitar. They can be found here.

I was born in 1975 in Budapest. I live in the town of Törökbálint and work as an English teacher. I started to get interested in playing music at grammar school. My only formal musical training is two years of saxophone and I have been trying to learn other instruments on my own with various success.


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Xandru Estevan - naker, darbuka, percussion

The only thing that can be known about him for sure is that he is probably of Asturian origin. His life is the topic of several university theses, however, a great deal of details is still a subject of heated debate of international music historians. As a result, the full desription is yet to be published.

Her musical training was based on the Kodály-method. She started az a soloist after 10 years of training and 18 years of choir experience. Her teacher was opera singer Sylvia Geszty. Judit is a founder of the Hungarian baroque chamber ensemble Marquise. She currently teaches singing and piano in England.

Felszeghy Judit - voice